Why use a Buyer’s Agent

One of the most common questions we get asked is …what are the benefits of using a Buyer’s Agent?  Below we have outlined some of key reasons why people will choose to engage Ari Agency as their Buyers Agent …and why you should too!

Speed up the Buying Process

The majority of people we come into contact with have been in the market for 6-12 months (or longer!), they may have missed out on few properties or find the whole buying process complicated and difficult to navigate.  On average, the typical buying cycle with me is circa. 10-12 weeks which speeds up the buying process by approx. 75%.

Save You Money

Even if all we did was speed up the buying process, we could save you more than our fee in market fluctuation.  On top of that, we are going to implement the right strategy so that we can successfully negotiate the best possible price for you so that you don’t miss out on your dream home/investment.

Save Time & Unnecessary Stress

Through many years of working in the industry, particularly on the buying side, we are very skilled in sourcing high quality properties across different price ranges for our clients, and always with their best interest at heart.  This saves a huge amount of time and unnecessary stress looking at and dealing with properties that are either over budget or do not meet the specified buying criteria. 

Off-Market Properties

On average, between 50% – 55% of residential property can sell off-market at any one time – this is defined by stock that is not advertised or marketed as such.  On average, roughly around 50% of the properties we purchase are either pre or off-market and as your Buyers Agent, we will ensure that you have access to all these opportunities; in addition to the on-market campaigns which will open up far more buying propositions, positioning you in the driver’s seat and one step ahead of the competition.


Arija and her team have been in Real Estate for over 20 years and have been on the buying side for over 8 years now, specialising in buying property in Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches.  Did you know that in NSW alone, less than 25% of people own 2 or more properties?  As such, some buyers can lack the ability to negotiate effectively during the purchasing process, especially in an ever-changing market.  We negotiate on property as our core area of expertise, therefore having acquired and sustained the negotiation and strategic skills required, over a long period of time.  When these skills are implemented correctly, we are highly successful at securing outstanding outcomes for our clients.

Market Knowledge

Understanding the market and the value representations is crucial in the buying process.  Not only have we been doing this for a long time but simply looking at 5 properties a week does not give you a complete picture of value representations. We am in the market full-time, have been for a long time and inspect many properties on a weekly basis (both on-market and off-market) in addition to attending auctions which contributes to our expert knowledge of the Sydney property market. 

Local Knowledge & Expertise

We specialise in buying property in Sydney and more specifically, the North Shore and Northern Beaches.  As local residents of the North Shore we are very passionate about the area with extensive local knowledge and insider information that is imperative in the buying process like knowing which is the better and, more expensive side of the street or which buildings or streets might have a bad reputation or are harder to sell – unfortunately first impressions don’t always make the best investments.

Extended Network

Our long-standing relationships with real estate agents is invaluable. We transact regularly with the agents and have developed lasting relationships sustained through trust and working together with confidentiality during the purchasing process.  As a result of these relationships, we don’t get treated like a buyer but rather a repeat client working in synergy to execute efficiently.