R & F Hemmant

Initially I was very hesitant to engage a buyer’s agent. Let’s save the money I thought…

So, we decided to “go alone” for a while, only to be left after 6 months in a state of despair and hopelessness. We had spent many Wednesdays and Saturdays looking at numerous homes. Hours we will never get back, chasing between show homes, seeing countless staged properties with throws immaculately placed over furniture, bottles of spring water placed in strategic positions, and numerous other tactics deployed to showcase homes in the best possible manner. We witnessed many occasions of website photos that did not live up to the viewing, collected many brochures, and at the end of the day, chewed up valuable personal time. We were witness to many sales & auctions – often being sold way beyond the estimate. We also missed a few opportunities due to our inexperience in the buying game. It was particularly challenging trying to understand the market, and frankly very hard work engaging with sales agents who understandably serve above all else, in the interest of the vendor, and take every opportunity to upsell the value of a property, often unrealistically. All the popular property websites and appraisal sites were also of limited use – none provided access to pre-market opportunities, and the majority were unable to portray true property value with an acceptable degree of confidence.

Blinded by the market, we were almost at the point of buying down, potentially overpaying in a sellers’ market, and even giving up on our dreams of ever owning a home, when we approached Arija, owner of Ari Agency.

From our first meeting, we found Arija and Gavin to be professional, assuring, helpful and a pleasure to engage. It felt as if a huge amount of pressure had been taken off our shoulders, as we now had an agent that was working in our best interests.

We delivered a very tough brief to Arija and Gavin. What I would call a gold requirement, on truly a bronze budget. Yet, the team seemed undeterred, and promised that within a week or so, we would have a list of homes to begin assessing. The pressure was on Arija and Gavin.

True to their word, within a few days, the team delivered several properties for our consideration. One of these properties was an off-market opportunity, which caught our interest. The team delivered exactly to our original brief – meeting location, specification, and price objectives.

Finding the home was just the start – securing it was next. The team kicked up a gear. Having a buyer’s agent negotiate a sale proved invaluable. They pulled off a miracle for us. When the negotiation pressure was on, they were cool and collected, and it was such a comfort knowing that they were representing us and removing emotion out of the buying equation. I must point out the personal dedication of Arija – she was amazing, under very unusual circumstances. Within a few hours of having given birth, she was negotiating on our behalf from her maternity bed. Later that same day, we had successfully sewn up the deal and realised our dream.

In summary, Arija and Gavin were an absolute pleasure to work with. We would not have purchased our home without them. They made the impossible possible.

If you are on the fence wondering whether to engage Ari Agency, don’t hesitate – just do it – now. I’m sure there are many buyers’ agencies to choose from, each offering a variety of services. Ari Agency has an attractive and competitive end to end service offering that matches the competition. For ourselves, what sets Ari Agency apart though is the personal touch and dedication to the client.

Thank you Arija and Gavin for your help – you were really amazing. Arija, I wish your agency all the success for the future.