The Right Buyer’s Agent in Sydney

Buying a property might just be among the biggest expenditures you will make in your whole life. As a future homeowner, understanding how real estate works in Australia is important, and this is where a buyer’s agent can help you.

Read on to know more about choosing the best buyer’s agent in Sydney.

What Is a Buyer’s Agent in Australia?

A buyer’s agent, also known as ‘buyer’s advocate’, is a licensed real estate professional who can help you through the process of property buying.

A buyer’s agent can do the work on your behalf – searching and evaluating for potential properties, as well as bidding and negotiating for the best deals and purchases. They act as your representative in your real estate transactions, legally tasked with prioritising and protecting your interests as a buyer in the Australian real estate market.

Who Is the Best Buyer’s Agent in Sydney?

To know who the best buyer’s agent is in Sydney, it is important to know what they can actually do to help you in your home-buying process. 

A buyer’s agent can offer you either partial or full service. Partial service might just involve independent advice or simply the agent going to the auction of your property of interest and bidding on your behalf.

Full-service buyer’s agents will work with their clients throughout the entire home-buying process.

Ari Agency’s property buying services can be categorised into full buying service, strategy and negotiation and bidding at auction.

  1. Full buying service. Entrust the property-buying processes in the hands of the agency’s buyer’s agent, from property sourcing to purchasing.
  2. Strategy and negotiation. Seek expert advice for your target property to purchase. A buyer’s agent can help you strategise on negotiating for the lowest price deal.
  3. Bidding at auction. Hire a buyer’s agent to represent you for bidding.

Ari Agency buyer’s agents continue to help clients locate the best homes in Sydney by offering the following services:

  • Property search. Buyer’s agents can provide a tailored property search based on your preferred location, price range and any other criteria. If you are looking to buy a property in Sydney, Ari Agency’s buyer’s agents can give you the latest property listing updates available in North Shore and Northern Beaches.
  • Research and due diligence. Upon hiring, the buyer’s agents will arrange for the necessary building and pest inspections, legal contract reviews and other comprehensive research once you decide on a property to buy.

As part of Ari Agency’s standard procedure, other necessary checks on the prospective properties are done. This includes development, sewer and zoning plans and other information needed for the negotiations.

  • Negotiation and settlement. A buyer’s agent is your advocate. They represent your best interest as a buyer from the beginning until the end and thus, saving you from the massive stress of the entire process.

To get the property at the best price and with the most favourable terms, let Ari Agency’s buyer’s agents do it for you. With over 20 years of real estate experience, Ari Agency is expert on the know-hows of effective property negotiations within Sydney. 

Is It Worth Using a Buyer’s Agent?

Imagine the tight competition of property buyers in Sydney and the limited availability of listings in the market that fit your preferences. Finding the right place, making negotiations with multiple real estate sellers and agents, and bagging the best deal will take a lot of your time. 

Tasks that a buyer’s agent can do for you include:

  • Find listings that fit your preferences and budget
  • Coordinate and schedule property viewings and open houses to attend
  • Check for any disclosures, damages or potential issues on a property
  • Make price consultations and negotiations
  • Refer real estate professionals, lawyers, inspectors, etc.

As a first-time property buyer in an unfamiliar area and lacking technical knowledge on real estate, it might be wise to consider a buyer’s agent’s professional help.

A buyer’s agent is equipped with:

  • Access. You can expect that an expert buyer’s agent has gathered a network of relationships over the years. This can mean two things: early access to unadvertised properties and access to the best pricing within the area.
  • Expertise. Gathering necessary information and paperwork, attending auctions and biddings, negotiations, settlement and connection to proper legal representation – a buyer’s agent can manage these all for you. They save you from the time-consuming house hunt and open home previews. Expert support and service is guaranteed. 
  • Experience. Hiring a buyer’s agent in Sydney can provide you with options because they know where to look for properties in and off the market. The trained eyes of an agent can help you avoid property issues that might be easy to overlook. An experienced buyer’s agent can offer excellent value upon valuing the property and securing the deal.

How Do I Find a Buyer’s Agent in Sydney?

You might wonder, ‘how many buyer’s agents are there in Australia?’

With the rise in the number of property buyers at different price points, more and more buyer’s agents have started operating in Sydney and in other locations in Australia. 

Qualities and Qualifications to Look For

When looking for the right buyer’s agent, there are a few things to consider.

There are buyer’s agents who also sell real estate. Make sure to ask if they are ‘exclusive’ or ‘independent’.

A buyer’s agent cannot be categorized as ‘independent’ if they accept commission or any fees for selling real estate and are acting in the seller’s interest.

Look for a licensed buyer’s agent with a proven track record and years of experience within the specific area you are eyeing to buy.

You can also check online or ask if they are a member of any reliable real estate associations. Prepare the questions you need to ask for the interview regarding their fee structure, experience, qualifications, most recent transactions and knowledge about the area. 

Start Your Property Journey With Ari Agency

Work with Ari Agency and partner with the best buyer’s agents in Sydney.

Ari Agency is composed of licensed real estate buyer’s agents, and we are a member of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales. Our buyer’s agents are equipped with the expertise and people skills to help you navigate the property buying process. 

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