Which Real Estate Service Is Right For You?

The real estate industry in Sydney is highly competitive, especially for first-time property buyers and sellers. That’s why getting real estate services is essential to put your best interests forward.

Getting into the real estate industry is both exciting and nerve-racking. For most new investors, it marks a new stage in their life. However, while you can depend on what you see online, getting an exemplary real estate service is important to help you get the most out of your investment.

What Are the Different Types of Real Estate?

There are different categories of real estate. Knowing them first is important to identify which will suit your goals. Once you have identified which type you would like to invest in, you can then plan accordingly. Here are the different types of real estate you should know.

Residential real estate

Residential real estate includes both new construction and resale properties. But the most common type are single-family homes. This type of real estate also includes apartments, townhouses, duplexes and high-value properties.

Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate includes strip malls, medical and educational structures, and shopping centres. Hotels and offices are also in this category. Furthermore, whole apartment complexes are considered commercial real estate because they produce income.

Industrial real estate

Warehouses and manufacturing buildings are considered industrial real estate. This also includes buildings constructed for research, distribution and storage. 

Vacant lands

Vacant lands include ranches and working farms. This can also be any raw or vacant land bought for future development. Some vacant lands are timberland, orchards and planned urban development for commercial and residential properties. 

What Are the Three Most Essential Things in Real Estate?

In addition to knowing the types of real estate available in the market, an investor should also consider the most essential things in real estate during planning. These are important to the success of any real estate investment.


There’s no denying that location is the most crucial factor in real estate investing. When looking for a property, you need to consider its proximity to various amenities, such as malls and hospitals. Green space and scenic views can affect its value, too.

One way to know this information is by contacting the town planner or other public agencies that lead the zoning and urban planning. Doing so will grant you access to information that you need when it comes to long-term area planning. This will also help you determine whether your investment will become successful or not.

Property value

Another factor you need to consider is the property’s value. Property valuation plays a crucial role when deciding what property to buy, as well as in investment analysis, taxation and insurance. 

The value of a property can be determined through sales comparison. You can start by comparing properties with similar characteristics to see its potential value. You can also hire a buyers agent to do the appraisal for you.

Investment horizon

For those planning to purchase a property as an investment, it’s essential to establish how you intend to use the property. Lack of clarity on its purpose often results in a few severe shortcomings, including financial distress.

When searching for a property, establish if you’re planning to buy it for self-use or if you’re leasing it. You can also consider selling it in the long run and use the money for other long-term goals, such as your retirement.

How to Choose the Right Real Estate Service

With a clear idea of what type of property you would like to invest in and what factors to consider in choosing one, are you now ready to get a real estate service? 

Although you can do almost anything online, there are still a few things that an actual agent can help you with, especially when it comes to transactions. 

A real estate agent can help you create marketing campaigns and strike a deal. They can also help you coordinate contracts to protect your interest when making any transactions. Even more, they can help you through any rough patches if ever an issue arises.

To help you get the right real estate service, here are some tips to consider.

Check for licensure

Before hiring a real estate agent, you need to check their license first. Doing so gives you a sense of security that all transactions you make with them are legal and have gone through the proper process. To become a real estate agent, they must first satisfy the particular requirements made by the licensing authorities in their state.

Conduct an interview

Never be afraid to ask questions. It’ll help you find out everything you need to know about the property, the real estate agent’s experience, as well as their work history. It’ll also help you understand how they manage their clients. 

It’s highly advisable to speak with at least three brokers so you can narrow it down to only one. Also, remember that an excellent working relationship is essential, so consider working with professionals that match your values and personality.

Request for references

Professionals with an excellent reputation should be a top consideration. You can ask your potential real estate agents for a list of properties they’ve managed. It can either be real estate properties that they have sold or listed, together with their clients’ contact details.

Meanwhile, for sellers, you can ask the real estate agent whether they’ve handled properties similar to yours and how long did the properties stay in the listing before they got sold.

Find a trustworthy real estate agent

Pay close attention to the real estate agents and how they respond to your questions during the interview. Most successful brokers and other real estate services use technology to their advantage to make their client’s property seen. However, it’ll only work if your agent has your interest at heart.

So, take time to find a professional who’s more than willing to work with you. Go with your gut feeling. Trust your brain but also use your intuition when interviewing real estate service providers.

Finding a Buyer’s Agent in Sydney

Buying a real estate property is a substantial financial commitment. This is one reason why you should get the necessary help to ensure that you’ll get the most out of your investment. Having reliable real estate services guarantees that you’ll receive the proper support that can help diversify your portfolio and get you ahead for your financial future. 

If you’re looking for reliable real estate professionals and buyer’s agents in Sydney who have nothing but your best interests at heart, contact us at Ari Agency. We specialise in buying property in the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney. We approach work with integrity, honesty and the desire to deliver exceptional results to our clients. We would love to be part of your property journey!